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Balanced portfolio of geographically diversified, premium and well-positioned hospitality assets

Operated and managed by highly reputable specialists and professionals from asset to REIT level

  • Hotels are managed by international branded hotel operators

  • Fund flows from assets to REIT are being monitored by licensed trustee and Custodian

  • REIT operation is managed and overseen by experienced REIT management team and Trustee

Unparalleled platform for organic and inorganic growth

  • The Stock Exchange of Thailand is the natural gateway for investment in the Mekong Region with superior liquidity to The Stock Exchange of Singapore

  • High growth prospect due to strong connectivity with leading regional and global vendors

  • Strong pipeline under review

    • Not restricted by single sponsor

    • Not limited to single geography

Robust return and uncorrelated to Thailand tourism industry

  • Majority of cash flows are less susceptible to seasonality

  • Invested assets are not effected by Thai tourism industry or domestic factors

  • Provides investors with access to younger and faster growing regional countries

  • Dominant players in each market segment

  • Each asset operates under each tailored business model and well positioned as proxy for favourable demand drivers that will continue to boost the hospitality sector in each of jurisdiction